Letter to God

Dear God,

I am just a little bit curious, OK, massively curious, what this next relationship is all about. Would it be so bad for me to have a bit of NORMAL in my life. You have to admit that you have sent me on a path through the woods of weird. Just in doing that you have made it nigh impossible for me to find someone normal who would fit into my life as it stands now but this takes the cake. REALLY takes the cake.

I try to listen, honestly I do. I heard the quiet voice inside, the click of contentment and rightness, your sultry whisper in my heart, but Jesus H. Christ how can I present this to anyone I know without being labeled nuts? A married man who got the same feeling of strong unresistable recognition that I did, whose wife wants to meet me? For the love of all that is holy, how in the world can I follow this through? How can I not walk away from it, turn my back on it after all that I have had the “joy“ to experience? Can you please tell me what I did in my previous life that would make it such an imperative that I meet so many of my soul co-travelers in one go around? Sigh, trying for a positive outlook, is this the clearing house life in which I am making amends and paying penance for all my previous lives so I can move on to the next with my karmic debt paid off? Do I get to be a bodhisattva next time?

I know the choice is mine. He and I have only spoken across the counter at work. Even though the connection is strong for both of us, I know I can walk away without any stain added. But you are a devious wretch, you know I won’t because I am who I am, curiosity will propel me forward even though I know it is to certain doom. You know I HAVE to find out more about him because I can’t resist a good tale, I can’t resist that whisper of rightness that touches my soul every time you come up with a new twisted turn in the plot in the story that is my life. Sigh. At least this time I am not in love, just have known this man forever even though we have never met and have barely talked. Freaking annoying is what it is. Grr. Well, can you grant me one wish? Please let his wife and I get along. I could really use another good girl friend.

Your ever so frustrated and helpless minion,
With a grudging love,

PS Since you are messing with my head again how about some divine intervention in relation to the ants that keep coming into my house? The cayenne pepper helped a lot but I still have a few that wander about uninvited. Could you tell them to go away for me please. Thank you.


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