Dad’s Birthday Present

For the past three mornings I have been working on my present for my dad’s birthday.  Through a confluence of events–little shit teenagers taking it upon themselves to tear out all signs in their vicinity, and a three day delay in getting those signs replaced–the county trucks came by and sprayed poison along our road front killing all the bushes and trees in a 6 foot by 100 yard swath in front of our home.  Mom and Dad were furious.  They have spent 30 years developing the hedge along the road to  add beauty and to reduce the dust that flows from the gravel road into the yard.  This 30 year effort, killed in a matter of minutes because of a few missing “owner will maintain” signs.  Beautiful lilacs, roses, oregon grapes and choke cherries reduced to dead stems and brown dead leaves.

Fortunately the hedge is wider then 6 feet so all is not lost, but the gross evidendence of man’s ignorant use of poison to try to control the environment was a slap in my dad’s face every time he walked by with Kodi Dog, which is every day.  I can go on about human stupidity and point out that one could cure many of the cancers we are afflicted with by merely closing down the poison plants and outlawing the use of toxic chemicals and herbicides on our food supply and roadsides but that isn’t what this article is about.  It is about one step into the home base economy.

Dad’s birthday is coming up.  In a work base economy I would earn money, take the money to the store, then buy dad something like a tie or a pair of socks.  In a home based economy instead of devoting my time to standing behind a counter smiling at people and taking their money for my boss, I spent 6+ hours working on cutting down dead bushes that continued to upset my dad and created anger in a portion of each of his days.  The time spent at my job would have provided me with $54 which could have bought a couple of dozen socks and a coffee.  Instead, I spent the time removing an eyesore and making my dad’s morning walks more pleasant which improves his life in a small but significant way which puts the value on the activity much higher then the money I would have earned in the same amount of time at my job.  This is something I feel rather good about.


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  1. Annabelle
    Jul 15, 2012 @ 21:51:33

    You SHOULD feel good about the time and energy you’ve spent trying to make a difference in your dad’s every day. I agree. What’s up with this sick mentality that says the killing of weeds is more important than the health or welfare of human beings? I’m sure your dad feels particularly pleased with the b-day gift you’ve given him. Cheers to you!


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