New Neighbors

I have new neighbors.  What is more then that, I have added an apartment onto my cabin.  It is a small apartment but the family moving in understand that space is limited.  Mr. and Mrs. Hatch were bound and determined to join me in my adventure.  It didn’t matter that I turned them away twice, they tenaciously kept at me until I capitulated.  I have been listening to the knocking and banging of them building their little addition for the last week.  Listened to their talking back and forth, excited about the new digs and their new life together.  After awhile, I began to feel an attachment to them and am glad that they have moved in.

They ran into a bit of trouble today, however.  They were rudely made aware that the dimensions they thought the cabin was, is not in fact what it is.  I had to lend them a hand.  Pictures say more then words, so I will now introduce, Nutty and Meg through photo.

I am not entirely sure if this is Nutty or Meg. You know how married couples sometimes start to look alike. This was never truer then in these two.


After hanging the laundry, I went inside to get a drink of water. I found my Moo Kitty sitting on the bed, at full attention staring up at the wall where the Hatches could be heard working. The cats have been ignoring all the pounding, banging and rustling up to this point. I looked up and discovered why Moo was so interested. She was watching Meg or Nutty working!


I could see right away that the situation was way out of their league so I lent a hand. An O organics yogurt container, a cereal box, duct tape and a few nails worked perfectly. The Hatches don’t seem to mind the slap dash method, they are just happy to have their home done! Now they get to start furnishing it. 🙂