Home Based Economy

A major part of my efforts in my new life is shifting from a work based economy to a home based economy. I believe that as our global economy crashes, it will be necessary for most of us to do this. I have decided doing it before the crash will be less painful then being forced into it after the crash. For many people the crash has already happened, having been forced out of their job with no new job for them to go into. They have had to either turn to the government for help and support, to move in with their families or they have had to find alternative ways to survive. When the economy crashes, large portions of the government will crash too. No one working, paying tax money, means no money for food stamps or other programs. When entire families are without work, there will be no support along that avenue either. That leaves finding alternative ways to survive. What do those alternatives look like?

So what is home based economy and work based economy? Work based economy is where you get a job from someone else, they pay you a wage, then you take that wage to buy food, shelter, and clothes. In a home based economy, you find ways to provide food, shelter and clothes without paying for them through a wage from a job. The ideal way to switch from wage based to home based economy is to do it in stages. If you are in a committed relationship where both people work, you would choose one person to stay home and one person to continue to work for a wage. The couple must then look at their lives, figure out what they can pare down, then how the person who is now staying home can start providing for the family without having to buy things. This is a hard transition because we are so indoctrinated in the idea that we have to BUY everything. We have forgotten how to make and grow our own. We have forgotten how to barter with our neighbors. We have for gotten how to use our wits to create things to better our lives. These are all skills that we MUST relearn if we are going to live well in the new world.

As a single woman, making the transition, I am fulfilling both sides of this equation. I work outside the home to make money for the things that I have not yet figure out how to create on my own. I am also increasing my home base economy in stages, decreasing my reliance on that wage. It basically means I am working two jobs. It has also meant that I had to choose to go from a full time job, to a part time job and live at a poverty level. I have had to learn to “do without“. This choice was necessary to provide the time and labor needed to create the home economy.


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